Four Days Before Christmas received a 1st Place ribbon
in the Fantasy/Holiday category at The Museum of Miniatures
Show in Indianapolis, Indiana in September 2005

It was also voted Most Popular Exhibit by the show's attendees!

Four Days Before Christmas was featured in the
December 2005 issue of American Miniaturist

This Christmas House has actually been in the works since January 2004.  I stopped working on it for almost a year when I decided to create Professor Snape's Office in miniature.  I began work on this project once again in February 2005 and finished it in September 2005.

I originally was going to create a basement and have Santa's Workshop there, but I couldn't find a good way to incorporate the outside of the house with a basement.  So Santa's Workshop became a separate building.

The measurements on this project are:

House:    23" wide - 21" high - 18" deep
Workshop:    18" wide - 12" high - 13" deep 
1/12 scale (1 inch in miniature = 1 foot in "real life")

There's a link at the bottom of the page if you want to view some of the "under construction" photos!

House - Outside

The lights on the roof and awning are solid -- the ones wrapped around the porch railing flash.  The shrubs in front of the porch railing also have lights on them.  The "C" on the roof is, of course, for the homeowner's last name.  There's a copy of The North Pole Times on the mailbox.  I came across some spray snow and Vince took the honors in covering the house with it!

Inside - Top Floor

I made the towel cabinet, sink and mirror, as well as the bath mat, tissue holder, towels and hamper.  If you look around the corner of the tub, you'll see Santa's rubber ducky -- complete with Santa cap, of course!

Inside - Top Floor

The bed was a kit, and I made the bedding from scratch.  I had my first experience with a pleater for the bed skirt, and I was really happy with the results!  The bench was a kit as well -- I added the sewing items sitting atop it.  I made Santa's belt on the bedpost and the nightstands, and my husband made the table lamps.  Can you see Santa's Christmas boxer shorts on the bed?!

Inside - Top Floor

Santa's coat hangs between the hallway and bedroom.  I made the railing, the table in back of Santa's coat and the North Pole Yellow Pages and White Pages.  I guess they didn't need to be so big as I'm sure not many people live at the North Pole!  And of course I had to sneak in a black and white kitty.  She's sleeping under the phone bench.

Inside - Bottom Floor
Living Room

The bottom floor of the house -- the living room and kitchen -- are my favorite rooms in this entire project.

The couch I bought but "reupholstered" with Christmas fabric.  I made the throw pillows and coffee table from scratch.  The fireplace swag and coffee table decoration were made from kits; I added Christmas stockings for Santa and Mrs. Claus.  The swag above the mirror lights up, and the Christmas tree is illuminated as well by fiber-optic lights.  I wrapped most of the presents myself, made the window cornice, table below the cuckoo clock and candles on it from a kit.

Inside - Bottom Floor

You can almost smell the cookies baking!  Mrs. Claus seems to be right at home here.  I made the counter room divider, table, upper cabinets and cabinets that house the sink and stove.  The chairs and refrigerator were made from a kit, as was the window cornice.

The swag on the side of the stairs lights up, and I added the small gold stair separators.


Oh, no!  There seems to be a gingerbread cookie missing!
I wonder where it went?

Workshop  - Outside

Just a plain, brick building!  Outside the door, you can see Santa's sleigh, one of his reindeer and a bag of reindeer feed in a little red wagon.  Santa has to keep the reindeer happy and fed, you know!


Workshop - Inside

Here's Santa in his workshop.  I made both benches and the shelves where the toys and games are stored.  I also "made" Santa -- I wigged him and sewed his overalls, plaid shirt and tool belt.

Santa looks a bit like a transient to me, but my husband assures me otherwise.

First Thriller!Snape, now Transient!Santa.

I really need to do something about my P.O.V.  ;)

Can you see the photo of Mrs. Claus on Santa's desk?  He's got a map of the world above his desk so he can plot out his trip on Christmas Eve.  He's also got a copy of Golf Digest in the corner.  He's waiting until after Christmas to pick up on of his favorite hobbies.  :)

Let's take a closer look at those "naughty" and "nice" lists on Santa's desk...

Yep.  Both lists look rather accurate to me.  :)


Santa and Mrs. Claus thank you for being a guest in their home!


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